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招聘職位: Digital Marketing Internship Swan-mart Health and Beauty Products Co. Ltd
Swan-mart Health and Beauty Products Co. Ltd
招聘人數: 不限人
收藏職位: 收藏
公司簡介: 查看
學歷要求: 大專/大學程度或以上 薪金待遇: $4000 allowance
工作地區: 東區 工作經驗: 無需工作經驗
發佈時間: 2018-09-04 截止申請時間: 2018-10-03

We are a startup company which has been included in various media coverage including Apple Daily, HKET, Skypost etc. You may take a look at our company website ( We provide 3 months training program for students who are passionate about branding, marketing and sales. For those who can perform well, we will provide reference letter for candidates who can perform well in the internship or Part-time for future job seeking. We will also consider them for full-time job role with tremendous increase in compensation.

Basic role and responsibility:

- Assist in digital marketing, including Facebook marketing, Google Adwords, Email Marketing) 

- Assist in event management for Book Fair and Beauty Expo, including inventory management, merchandising, promotions etc.

- Assist in Channel Management/ Quality assurance 

- Key Account management : Maintain good relationship with distribution channels, provide guidance on product selling to shop staffs


Qualifications requirement:

- University students are preferred but not a must 

- Good command of English and Chinese

- Passionate in business planning, development and marketing

- Fast learner with good mark

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